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shareIMG_1372Dina Girgis,
I am a professional Master Esthetician . I enjoy meeting people and making them feel good about themselves. It is my passion to take care of skin and keep it healthy and beautiful.

I am so honored to be part of Mrs Washington because I love being a woman and representing women.

Also, I believe that every one has a mission to go for .

My platform is about Skin Cancer Awareness . It is my passion since I did my studies in skin . In Washington State , most people do not take sun protection seriously .They think that since there is not too much sun so no protection is needed. The truth is that the UV rays can still damage the skin and lead to skin cancer. Here comes my mission to spread awareness of this killing disease.

2007 Bachelor Degree in Education and English Literature
2012 language interpretation certification
2012 teaching at Auburn schools District
2014 Nuts and Bolts Diploma Certification
2014 Master Esthetic Diploma
2014 In Mode laser Aesthetic certification

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