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Board Certified Internal Medicine
Fellow Of American Academy of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Girgis is the founder and the medical director of Cleopatra Rejuvenation Clinic. His passion for anti-aging and aesthetic medicine started years ago when he was caring for aged patients with beautiful younger look and clear skin. There were many questions in his mind why people age differently? How can anyone delay her/his aging? How cheerful and happiness do you feel every time meeting with very old ones who look much younger than their age?.

With this passion, Dr.Girgis got his Aesthetic training iniatally at National Laser Institute at Scottsdale, AZ. Then he went for extensive academic studies with excellent training by well known expert through American Academy Of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine and become a Fellow with A4M.


my asethetic fellow cert.

Dr.Girgis has been practicing internal medicine for over 10years. He was Graduated from Ain-Shams medical university in Cairo,Egypt. He had his internal medical training/ residency at Woodhull Medical center in Brooklyn,NY which Affiliated with NYU. He well trained for treating acute and critical medical cases being admitted to the medical department and intensive care unit.

Dr.Girgis worked after he finished his residency in the emergency department at Woodhull Medical center for one and half year. He was providing excellent emergent medical care for patients with trauma, critical and urgent medical conditions.

Dr.Girgis continued working as hospitalist for years(providing urgent medical care for hospitalized patients with acute and critical medical conditions. Managing intensive care unit patients with multiple medical problems).

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